Friday Five | September 4, 2015

Here’s our weekly roundup of some of the hottest news and tips in the travel industry.

This week, we look at the ongoing battles between hotels and booking websites, the vital role of revenue managers and hotels in the Age of Authenticity.

The Hospitality Industry is Fighting Back against Booking Websites

The gloves have come off in the war between hotels and Internet sites like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and Orbitz that promise customers low prices and competitive deals.

After years of allowing these middle men to make a substantial buck off their services, the hospitality industry is finally saying “no more.”

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How to Optimize Your Social Profiles For Search

Have you thought about optimizing your social accounts for search? Do you know where to use keywords in your social profiles?

In social media, there are two search engines you have to optimize for: the search function within each social network and Google search. In this article, you’ll discover where to use keywords in your social profiles and pages so you are found when people search.

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Study: Marketers Can Benefit as Email Remains Cornerstone of Workplace Culture

Email isn’t dead, despite the rising popularity of social media and other digital channels. Fifty-eight percent of respondents in a study by Adobe said that email was their preferred way to be contacted by a brand, even as a third of them said they’d like less repetitive emails from marketers.

What should you do? Optimize your emails—use your data to personalize your campaigns, and get the maximum amount of conversions out of this opportunity to talk to your guests directly.

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Hoteliers Embrace the Age of Authenticity

Just because the Age of Authenticity firmly envelopes the hotel industry, it doesn’t mean property-level and brand consistency will lose its importance. But the cookie-cutter approach embraced by the industry for the past 30 years could be in trouble, according to speakers at Wednesday’s Southern Lodging Summit at Memphis.

Guests want—and are flocking to—hotels that offer connections to the neighbourhood, authentic experiences, and technology that feels personal.

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8 Reasons Why Revenue Managers Should Be Paid More

Revenue Managers are still not being paid as well as many of their colleagues. At the same time, the Revenue Management is now the most “mission critical” function in the hotel business.  They sit at the crossroads of the strategic and tactical decision-making process for every single department in a hotel.

This article makes the argument that, next to General Managers, Revenue Managers should be the highest-paid employees in a hotel company. Revenue managers are unique in their importance, and this should be acknowledged in their salaries.

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