All About Mobile – The Friday 5

This week we’re highlighting the importance of mobile. Mobile hotel traffic is now significantly higher than desktop and is increasing exponentially every year. Is your hotel maximising mobile sales with a fast, mobile-friendly website? Do you have a mobile marketing strategy in place? Are you aware of mobile-first indexing and how this will impact your hotel’s ranking on search results?

Check out these articles for a more in-depth look at these topics and ensure you’re mobile ready.

1. Mobile Dominates Hotel Traffic

As of March 2018, 60% of Net Affinity sessions were on mobile devices (an increase of 13% on last year), with both desktop and tablet in decline.

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2. Mobile Booking: Why Responsive Design Alone is Sufficient

This article from Traveltripper looks at how mobile UX and mobile marketing can maximise the mobile customer journey.

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3. How Does Mobile-First Indexing Work, and How Does It Impact SEO?

Great article from Moz to help you understand how mobile-first indexing works and how your hotel may be affected.

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4. A Mobile-First Hotel Industry: Why Hotels Must Invest in Mobile Solutions

In 2018, hotels will continue to invest in mobile solutions and implement mobile strategies to increase bookings, streamline hotel  processes and send more targeted sales and marketing communications.

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5. Google’s New Look for Mobile Hotel Ads

With the rising demand of mobile, metasearch publishers are constantly testing to maximise the mobile user experience.

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