Mobile revenue at an all time high for hotels

Mobile revenue at an all time high for hotels

It's 2023, and you can bet on mobile being a driving force in hospitality technology over the next twelve months (and beyond).

A recent 2023 'Lodging Technology Study' was released and according to this, 'mobility and self-service technologies are taking center stage. At the core of these solutions is Wi-Fi, not just to power guests’ digital experiences, but to ensure that limited workforces have the tools they need to support guests and each other.'

The study showed 100% of hoteliers surveyed (representing 18,000 luxury, upscale, midscale and economy properties worldwide) said they currently offer or plan to add mobile check-in, mobile key and mobile reservations this year.

Mobile technology has the power to enhance the entire guest experience. With almost two-thirds of internet traffic originating from mobile devices, hoteliers need to select a booking engine that is fully optimised for mobile. While selecting this, they should keep in mind an easy-to-use interface which includes all information the guest should need at a glance.

As we all already know, mobile messaging apps can enhance a mobile-first experience from booking to check-in to the entire stay. As a hotelier, you can actually increase your revenue while personalising your guest's stay by sending them well-targeted offers for upgrades directly to their smartphones during their stay. 

From TikTok to Whatsapp to Facebook, as a hotelier you should be keeping an eye on how you can integrate the way you communicate with, and enhance the experience of, your guests and potential guests of all ages.

TikTok for example, is centered around the use of short-form video - which is a trend that will continue in leaps and bounds this year (90% of marketers who have already been using short-form video say they will maintain or increase their investment in 2023). Also, if you thought TikTok was just a Gen Z thing, think again - 50% of Millennials and almost 40% of Gen-Xers were using TikTok in 2022.

Many people are even beginning to use TikTok over Google for their trip research (40% of travellers over 30 now note this preference). 

TikTok marketing for hotels: is it worth it?

Generally speaking, mobile searches now account for 60% of search volume

Our latest mobile stats from Q4 2022 are very impressive, and they demonstrate how mobile is the device to watch as it skyrockets above others in relation to browsing and booking. We noticed mobile performed very strongly particularly around Black Friday.

  • Mobile Traffic Share came in at 77%, peaking in December at 80% of overall traffic. This is only the second month ever where mobile traffic exceeded the 80% mark, the last occurrence being in December 2021

  • Mobile Revenue Share picked up 3%, coming in at 59% of overall revenue. The only other time mobile revenue was this strong was Q2 2021. In December, mobile revenue share peaked at an all-time high of 61%

  • Mobile Transaction Share picked up 4%, coming in at an all-time high of 64%, peaking in December at a monthly all-time high of 65%

  • Mobile to desktop average transaction value variance has increased by 1% to 17%, primarily driven by strong voucher sales in Q4 

Keep mobile top of mind

Shift your mindset towards mobile if you haven't already. Adopt a mobile-first approach across everything you do, and address your hotel's brand marketing activity. Find out where your guests are spending their time online and use this information to create and deliver engaging communications that will compel and attract people to book.

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