Our booking engine is leading the way in mobile conversions!

Net Affinity’s booking engine is leading the way in mobile conversions!

Our latest device trends data for Q3 2019 has an exciting revelation… for the first time ever, we are seeing mobile revenue overtake desktop! This sets us up as one of the industry’s best performing booking engines in the market. 

It’s kind of a big deal. We’ve been seeing the slow and steady rise of mobile for years now, but this is our biggest ever quarter to quarter jump in mobile revenue (it increased by 6% to 45% from Q2 to Q3 2019).

Purchases on mobile have seen a huge jump! Q3 is the first time we’ve ever seen mobile purchases solidly surpass desktop purchases, peaking in August, where we saw an 8% difference between the two.

Following on from our last device trends report which gave a full picture of today’s direct booker and their device habits, we’re continuing to see more and more people become comfortable with browsing and booking on their phones.

We recently wrote about how important it is for you to invest in digital and mobile in 2020. Mobile browsing and buying will only continue to grow, and the importance of your property having a website that’s fully optimised for mobile cannot be stressed enough!

Your booking engine needs to be fully optimised for mobile too. We are always striving to keep on top of mobile technology because we can see how rapidly it is becoming the primary channel for browsing and buying. Our team are passionate about continually learning, refining and improving our products in the journey towards a seamless mobile booking experience! Most recently we made a number of significant updates to our booking engine across all clients to ensure it keeps delivering that seamless experience. It will continue to be a priority of ours as mobile speeds on with its growth.

Here is more detail on our latest device trends from Q3 2019!

  • Mobile website visits have increased by 3% to 66%
  • 2 in 3 users now visit our sites on mobile devices
  • Mobile revenue has had the biggest ever quarter to quarter jump, increasing by 6% to 45% of all revenue
  • Desktop revenue has dropped from 50% to 44% from Q2 to Q3 2019
  • Mobile transactions have seen a large jump by 4%, to accounting for 49% of all transactions
  • Q3 is the first time ever mobile transactions have solidly surpassed desktop transactions, peaking in August where we saw an 8% difference between the two!
  • Average transaction value on mobile remains lower than on desktop, however, a variance of 15% is the lowest we have seen in a year

Our data is taken as an average across all Net Affinity clients FYI.

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