16 tips to improve hotel bookings and increase revenue

16 tips to improve hotel bookings and increase revenue

As a hotelier in today's extremely competitive and varied industry, it is crucial to understand what motivates someone to book your hotel directly over a competitor or an OTA. Being on top of this knowledge is absolutely key to increasing your bottom line.

Understanding your target market, what their needs are and how they behave (especially in this Covid-altered landscape) is the first step. Next, put time and effort into a fast, mobile-optimised and easy-to-navigate website that will help convert prospective customers by reducing friction and enhancing their experience. A beautifully designed website will also help to promote a strong identity for your brand. 

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Consistently analysing your data is another crucial step in the process of understanding your bookers - it means you're always learning and developing your offering and strategy which will only help to improve your results.

Check out our handy infographic with 16 tips on improving your hotel bookings and increasing revenue.👇




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