Attracting ‘workationers’ to your hotel

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives in many ways, with one significant change being how we work.

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With so many roles unaffected by lack of an office space, the acceleration towards remote working has happened upon us all of a sudden. Highly functioning technology and fast wifi speeds mean if you previously worked in an office, you can essentially work from, well… anywhere! As long as you have your laptop charger and a wifi connection, there’s no reason why your daily tasks can’t be ticked off in no time.

With companies across the globe planning on reducing their office space and continuing to allow employees to work remotely in some capacity, and 47% of people working remotely full-time post-pandemic, it’s no wonder terms like ‘digital nomads’ and ‘workation’ are cropping up more and more. Websites like this one help remote workers serious about their ‘workations’ plan their global trips, covering everything from accommodation to after work activities.

While it’s true that glamorous workations in the likes of Barbados, Aruba and The Maldives will of course be incredibly appealing to the masses, there are still plenty of the domestic market who will prefer to put off international travel for longer. And when international travel kicks off, there will be people coming into the country who will consider working here as part of their time away. Maybe, to save vacation days, they will work for a day or two when they arrive and a day or two before they leave. Either way, remote working will very much be a part of our future, and as a smart hotel, it’s something to seriously consider as part of your long term marketing and room selling strategies. It is an area that all types of hospitality providers will need to think about in some capacity.

So firstly… what’s a workation?

A workation (also known as a ‘workoliday’ or ‘woliday’) pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s the act of combining work and leisure, because with so many people working remotely post-pandemic, why not?!

How can you attract workationers?

How to attract workationers


You’d be surprised at how attractive the simple things can be. It’s as much about your language as it is anything else. You already have what workationers need – you just need to package it to them in a way that is clear and desirable. It’s a given these days, but make your free and hi-speed wifi a clear highlight. Offer rooms with comfortable chairs and spacious desks. They might need to take work Zoom calls – let them know your setting will be perfectly suitable. Perhaps you have common areas where your workationers can also work away comfortably throughout the day? Consider providing food/coffee discounts.

You should consider putting together a workation package for the Autumn months. There are hotels already doing this globally – take inspiration from them. You don’t need to be based in Barbados to advertise a decent workation package!

Taking The Hyatt’s workation package as an example: they offer food and drink credits, discounted laundry and various other perks depending on the property that vary from rounds of golf to kids’ programs to cooking classes. If you are a self catering property, highlight this. Consider a rate plan offering your workationers a discount if they stay with you for longer.

Similarly to your staycation packages, think about what you, your property and your property’s surroundings have to offer. Your workationers are busy during the day – think about what they need from you during this time. Then, think about what would attract them even further on their time off. Can you include a spa treatment? Are there picturesque grounds on which they can do a morning walk before they open their laptop? Do they need late check-out? The key is to suit the needs of your workationers with this package using as much detail as you do currently with your offers targeting families/couples etc.

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