[Cheatsheet] 9 Tips to Create Brilliant Content for Your Hotel Website


We’re happy to present #8 in our Direct Booking Cheatsheet series: 9 tips to create brilliant content for your hotel website. Great content is the foundation of your online presence.

Why is content so important? Without powerful imagery and compelling copy, users can’t understand what makes your hotel special. They won’t explore your hotel website or make a booking. you’ll come across as flat and unmemorable, no matter how mcuh you deserve to stand out!

However, we have a solution. When you print out the cheatsheet below, you’ll have a mini-guide to everything you need to know about website content.

This 1 page cheatsheet has 9 focus areas for you to look at, broken out into 31 action points. It’s got tips on everything from upselling to video to page structure – and it’s free! Just click below to download.

Get the Cheatsheet:

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